Kayaking on the Concord River

This afternoon, my friend and I went kayaking on the Concord River in Concord, Massachusetts. In this area the river has a gentle current that makes it perfect for kayaking back and forth among the interesting sites. It was a gorgeous, cool, and sunny afternoon - beautiful for being out on the river.

While my camera wouldn't shoot when I had a good shot, where the statue was framed nicely through the trees along the bank, I thought the lens flare was pretty cool until I realized that you can't even see French's Minute Man through the trees. Even so, it was nice to kayak by it and under the Old North Bridge.

There are a lot of beautiful stately homes that line the river, and while I didn't take any pictures of them today, here is one in the background.

And finally, there were some pretty bold Great Blue Herons today. Bold, not only because this one seemed unafraid of us as we approached, but also because he was making a meal of mercury-laden fish (as the warning signs posted along the river reported).

Yup. Just call me Marlin Perkins.


Kelly Elmore said…
I kayak around the Atlanta area pretty often in the summer, but it would be a real treat to go on the Concord River and under the Old North Bridge! Such scenery!
Lynne said…
If you're ever in the Boston area, look us up, and we'll go. We have a double kayak so I could use the help!
Kelly Elmore said…
That would be awesome! I will definitely take you up on that!
Lynne said…
Cool beans!

Yes, you will be subject to me blurting out such goofy expressions but I figure it's all part of a wicked good Boston experience.
Cheryl said…
I'm hoping to make it next time. I've never been in a kayak!
Christina said…
Great video of the heron, Marlin. : ) You had a gorgeous day to be out on the river!
Lynne said…
Cheryl, the warm daylight hours are dwindling - we'd best get out there soon!

Fiddler, we got so close that I was starting to get nervous. They're big birds.

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