Memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution

In preparation for celebrating the 222nd anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States on September 17, 1787, here are a few videos that I hope will inspire you to at least memorize the brief, but powerful Preamble.

First, here is my first attempt at video editing with the bare bones Windows Movie Maker (no ability to step through frame by frame with sound, or ability to mark stops before cutting). My daughters are reading the Preamble to the Constitution from the little book I carry in my purse. They can recite it by heart, but it I thought it would be a little different (and a little less exposed) if they did it this way. Let's not even talk about the 20 takes due to laughter.

If you knew it as a child, don't worry, it'll come back to you as Barney shows in this video.

Finally, a little treat for my sci-fi loving friends.

And if memorizing and reciting The Preamble in creative ways leaves you wanting more, you can find out which Founding Father you're most like. Much to my delight, I was most like James Madison.

Here, you may find some actual educational resources.


HaynesBE said…
I love those video clips! What a playful way to celebrate. I had a post all ready to go live tomorrow (Constitution Day) but decided to publish it early --and I added your post to my link of other resources.
Check it out: 222 years ago
HaynesBE said…
PS I also came out as James Madison.
Lynne said…
Well of course you did! We're so cool I can barely stand us.
Lynne said…
And thanks for the compliment on my selection of videos (I don't know why, but I found Don Knotts to be hilarious) and for adding me to your list of resources.
Stephen Bourque said…
Hey, I turned out to be like James Madison, too. And they didn't even ask about my height.
Lynne said…
Hah! You're funny. Of course, I also expected you to be most like James Madison as you are also Hermione in the all Harry Potter tests (like me).
HaynesBE said…
I sent this to some friends and so far there's 1 George Washington, 1 John Rutledge and 2 James Madisons.

I wonder what you have to answer to end up as John Adams.
Lynne said…
I was wondering that myself. It's good to know that at least it is possible to be someone other than Madison!
Gus Van Horn said…
1. The Barney Fife clip is a classic! Thanks for posting it!

2. My quiz result? Madison. James Madison.
Lynne said…
1. I need to watch it, 2-3 times a day now. His face at the end is priceless.

2. See? Downtown Coolsville. Population: Us. (Iron Giant reference - although 007 is pretty cool, too.)

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