Seven Small Men

Was it is about this,

that inspires this,

and this?

And is it a good thing?


HaynesBE said…
I sent the link for the middle video to my daughter. (She's already seen the first, and can just wait a few more years before I will send her the 3rd one.) Yet again, you have hit right up her alley. (Oh did I ever tell you her new favorite show is "Glee"?)
One of these days you two will just have to meet!
Lynne said…
Your daughter has excellent taste.

Also, you have confirmed what I have suspected for a long time: I have the maturity of an adolescent! Oh well, I plan to enjoy it while I can.

I highly recommend the Sara Bareilles album Little Voice (it's the only one I'm familiar with). She has a great voice, but even better, she is a clever songwriter.

I really also like Tracy Bonham. I don't know what she's done lately but I appreciated the difference between what the mother wants to hear and what the daughter wants to say in her song Mother, Mother.

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