One Good Thing

Monday, on the way to driving my fifteen year-old daughter to dance class, I had the radio tuned to NPR. My daughter hates it when I listen to NPR and usually makes several consecutive attempts to force me to listen to her more upbeat thumping pop jams. But during that drive she just sat passively in the passenger’s seat in what I determined to be a moment of typical teenage sullenness.

Then All Things Considered came on with a two minute report about the increase in the price of the first class stamp to 44 cents. I thought the little fluff report on the frustration of trying to get make-up postage was mildly humorous until I heard this:

“Many people who bypass stamps altogether – pay their bills online and correspond by e-mail – know that they are in part to blame for today’s price increase...”

“What?” scoffed my daughter incredulously before I could even manage a raised eyebrow let alone a full eye roll. “How does that work?”

At that point, I’m sure I acknowledged her assessment of the implied faulty logic, but what I was really working on was something along these lines: “Whoopie!” I didn’t even know she was listening, let alone thinking critically about what she was hearing.

This, I believe, is a very good thing.


Jenn Casey said…
Very, very Good Thing! You must have been so proud!
Lynne said…
It definitely made my day.
Christina said…
To the 15-year-old: Good show!

To the P.O.: Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!

To Blogger: What's with the verification words? "Refat," really? I feel like my computer has been spying on me and has seen my eating habits and the subsequent state of my body over the last week.
Lynne said…
Hah! I got a new stash (4 boxes) of "Thin" Mints courtesy of my neighborhood cookie mom last week. Three boxes were gone in as many days. I hid the fourth box from myself (not easy).

Fie on you, and your mint-chocolately goodness, Thin Mints!

But I digress...

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