Friday, June 14, 2013

Colorblind Man's Bluff

Object of the Game:  To remove green dots from the field before they randomly eat the other dots. Remove all green dots from the field before they eat the other dots and you win.

How to play: In the field of colorful dots, it is your job to protect all other color dots from the destructive green dots. Once you spot a green dot, you have two options of play: you may either destroy it or immobilize it by separating it from the other dots.  

Immobilize: Place marker on top of dot and drag to the perimeter.

Destroy: Place marker on top of dot and click once.

Hazards: It is sometimes necessary or desirable to immobilize non-green dots if they are preventing further pursuit of the green dots.  If you immobilize more than five non-green dots without destroying any green dots you lose your turn.

At any time, any of the dots may change to any other color. While the chance that any particular dot will turn green is small, the pool of green dots comes primarily from the blue dots.  Among the other color dots, any dot that has been immobilized is also more likely to become green.

There are already other dots at the perimeter. These have been immobilized for other threats against the general dot population.

If you should destroy a dot that is not green, you lose.

Professional Level of Play:

Remove all factors that may aid in identifying the green dots. Cast a wide net and wait until they start eating the other dots.


Extended play: If the green dots begin eating the other dots at an alarming rate, you may immediately begin to drag all the other dots to the perimeter (immobilize them) so that you can more readily spot the green dot activities. Although you are immobilizing the other color dots, this is considered “protecting” them.