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Bad Faith

This recent exchange between a Harvard Business School professor and a bartender/owner of a Chinese Restaurant cracks me up in one regard: this guy is the reason that "douchebaggery" is now a popular word. Ben Edelman v. Chinese Mom and Pop However, and more importantly, this exchange touches upon two important principles that seem lost in the preposterousness of the exchange: When a bad law exist, there will always be bad actors to exercise its power. The lineage/size/age of your business should never be used as an excuse to mistreat your customer. The Backlash The Apology Having written plenty of complaint letters, I sympathize with the lawyer in getting something other than what he thought he paid for. Unfortunately, Mr. Edelman pilloried himself by approaching the matter of a $4 overcharge -- for that's exactly what happened -- as a serious violation of his rights.  Unfortunately for him, he knew not only of the Consumer Protection Act, but also that he