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Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD: A CNN article.

Read this . Tell me exactly what the psychologist, James Rubin from Kings College, says about the mental effects of climate change. Nothing. Not a damn thing. He has studied and discusses the mental impact of flooding. The author of the report put (climate change) in parenthesis in a direct quote from Rubin as well interspersed Rubin's words with tidbits about flooding events "expected to rise," "could be heat waves," plus a bunch of other horrors and finally "suicide for those who cannot cope." Rubin is concerned about the mental health of people who experience natural disasters and doesn't think the problems will necessarily go away on their own. He recommends that adequate mental health services be provided as standard parts of a response effort and that risk factors be identified to help protect people from developing any of these conditions in the first place, such as helping people who have been cut off from social support serv

ICE: An Unscheduled One

Tiny snaps underfoot titillate. Stepping gingerly. Sliding slightly. Leveraging stability for euphoria, Beckons venturing further afield. The promised rush of nothingness. No weight. No worries. No world. Latent ice in her veins freezes, And cracks.

My dog.

This is my dog. This is my happy dog. This is my happy dog hightailing away from me. This is my happy dog hightailing away from me after I had him in a headlock. This is my happy dog hightailing away from me after I had him in a headlock to take a picture with me. This is my dog after having to take a picture with me.  Happy. And now you know why.