Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Raining Meh.


The contradictions jump out of this piece all on their own, but in case you've used your self-preservation-allotment of outrage on something more important today--like the effetely-met kidnapping of over 200 young women in a Nigerian school nearly a month ago, or the use of the word "compromise" as it should relate to the Constitution-- I'll just point them out for you. 

First, we're told how one weatherman "makes a point of incorporating links between bad weather and climate change into his daily broadcasts." Then we're told that 8 hand-picked guests were invited to the White House "to spread the word" of the National Climate Assessment. 

Crap. But on par with the proselytizing portion of the religion of Climate Change. 

The article further explains that local weathermen have been shown to be among the most trusted of media figures. 

Okay, now it's getting interesting. 

And . . .  

Sadly for this administration, only a paltry 18% of those most trusted media figures (some meteorologists, some weather broadcasters) believe that there is a connection between man-made activities and climate change.

The broadcasters at the White House on Tuesday not only accept the link, a number of them also prepare their climate-focused broadcasts with help from Climate Central, a New Jersey-based nonprofit group that creates graphics intended to convey the local impact of climate change for about 100 television stations across the country. Some Climate Central scientists were among those invited Tuesday to the White House.
Then we're told how one weather broadcaster (not to be confused with a meteorologist) goes onto explain how a thousand year rain event happened! And we can expect more of the same! OMG!

(That doesn't mean it happens once every thousand years, it means that the likelihood of it happening is about 1000:1 in any given year. There's a big difference: the latter is about the size of any storm, the former implies a weather trend.) 

The steam in my coffee (I like a long black) however, is from Jennifer Palmieri, the White House communications director, who says of the gathering, 
“Trusted messengers are hugely important,'’ Ms. Palmieri said. “No one thinks these meteorologists have an agenda.”
She may have well as added: "So we're going to give them one."

You can see Climate Central's funding sources here. While some of its government funding is apparent, I don't think we'd have to dig too far to find that the the bulk of the other named foundations and institutions are also driven by if not funded by this administration's agenda. Unfortunately, I've run out of self-preservation-allotted outrage to dig any further.