Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Last of His Kisses

The barking has stopped, but there is no relief.
The last of the tumbleweeds have been swept. 
The gentle tapping of the too-long nails,
The happy thumping of excitable tails, 
The last of wet kisses - now memories wept. 
The barking has stopped, but there is no relief.


For Hapi, Buddy, and Chloe

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sokal-led Academia

Briefly, three academics could no longer understand the state of social discussions and the immediate dismissal of people through the labelling of "racist, sexist, homophobic" of anyone wanting to actually discuss issues. They followed the path from shouting moral certitudes back to sociological studies published in academic journals. They decided to create and submit 20 theoretical social studies papers for some of these journals. What they discovered is that even if you take a chapter of Mein Kampf, switching out specific references with sociological buzz words, a peer-reviewed journal may accept your work.

What the New Sokal Hoax Reveals About Academia

Dave Rubin interviews Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay

Their own video of the problem of grievance studies

This is neither a gotcha! moment, nor a prank to be dismissed.

It should be a turning point in how academic journals consider their own objective: to further knowledge in their specific fields, or to further an agenda of their specific fields.

Instead of the soul-searching that should be evident for the journals, the work appears to have caused the three who wrote these pastiches of fake research--all liberals--to be threatened verbally and physically.

So read or watch the links above if you'd like to gain a little insight into what they tried to accomplish -- unless, of course, you consider even the discussion of this problem as violence or if you find using reason to be a weapon of Western scientific discovery perpetuated by the patriarchy.  Then read or watch them twice.

If you'd like to read an abstract of one of their accepted journal articles, you can find it here as an "exemplary scholarship in feminist geography".