Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Good Things (Lost Weekend Edition)

  1.  Martha Jones, the smart, plucky, determined, and brave, excellent heroine of Dr. Who, Series 3.

    2.      Badass taping of hand after shearing off a large callus in kipping pull-up attempts.

    3.       Dark chocolate.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gym Fun.

I asked Stephen to take this picture so I could showcase my shirt.
Of course, you can't even read it! But it is a nice image of me and Marilyn.
Here's the shirt.

I went to take a video of Stephen's chain push-ups but he was done
before I could get the camera on! It made a cool noise, and it was clearly
nothing for him -- he's used to having a ball at the end of the chain. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carrying Concealed

Wallet, check.
Phone, check.
Prescription sunglasses, check.
Camera, what? It doesn't fit!

Why? All the rest of this stuff was hiding in my purse, taking up valuable space.

In my defense, I have used everything in my "Emergency supplies:" list within the last month and just added the Eames business card holder (I love it so). It's the dozen tubes of lip stuff that I don't use which is simply out of control. I mean, how many Shades of Nude do I need to buy before I realize that I'm already packing nude lips!


While I don't have Vicious Trollop, I think the names of the lipstick/lipstain colors are why I buy them.

Whisper Pink (that one's a mystery)
Nearly There
Earthly Ore
Champagne on Ice
In the Red
Fabulous Fig (Or Shades of Kamala, I like to call it.)

And those are just the ones I had stashed in my purse!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bountiful Picnic

On an idyllic summer morning, a few friends decide to gather in one of their backyards for an impromptu picnic. Food, fun, and families abound! Joyful children romp between the lounge chairs, the swing set, and the pitchers filled with pink lemonade in the comfortably familiar setting. Parents are happy and relaxed in appreciation of their shared bounty.

Life is good.

On a lovely summer morning, a few founders plan a gathering at a park for a town-wide picnic. Food, fun, and neighbors abound!  Excited and unsupervised children scatter between the blankets, tables, and coolers filled with food on the commons.  Neighbors are chatty but watchful of their belongings in the chaotic congregation.

Choosing to be a part of community efforts can be rewarding.

On a menacing summer morning, all folks are queued up in the town square for a mandatory picnic. Food levies are collected according to each person’s ability and then food is doled out according to each person’s needs.  Entitled and unknown children roam wildly through the ranks. Some citizens seek the unearned while others feel guilty and fearful.

Bounty can not be created through the force of government.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 Good Things (All By Myself Edition)

  1. Folded up all the borrowed chairs and tables and brought them inside from the backyard (chairs, 4 at a time, tables, 6-8 foot wooden ones) after a long day of party preparation and party on Sunday.
  2. Packed the car with, and returned all said borrowed chairs and tables from the graduation party after my noon workout on Monday.
  3. Deconstructed and folded up a 10 x 30 foot tent after my morning workout today.

I mention these solitary activities as good things because for the first time in my entire life, I’m wicked strong, man!  And more importantly, I know that I can do the physical work I set out to do. Thanks Woodshed!

And unlike Eric Carmen, I make all by myself look good.

(I have always enjoyed the part of this song that he ripped-off of Rachmaninoff.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Homeschool Dropout

Yesterday, we had a rockin' graduation party for Katy. She wanted to have karaoke so we hired a fabulous karaoke DJ we know and had a lot of fun. The DJ suggested we do a song parody for Katy and Victoria suggest "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease, but about Katy, our homeschool dropout. We wrote it together and it was a big hit with our graduate!

Victoria sang it, of course, and Stephen and I were the back-up singers. I mean, back-up dancers.  I mean, we were in the background trying to look useful - something I don't think we achieved.

Our Homeschool Dropout

Your story’s fun to tell, A teen actuary-elle,
Most called on babysitter on the block!
Your future's getting clear now,
The start of your career now.
Hope you get transfer credits for dog walks!
Family: (La lalala lalala lalala...)

Our homeschool dropout, Big graduation day for you.
Our homeschool dropout, Uses up all of our shampoo!
Well at least you have taken the time, to wash and clean your clothes up,
After running into trees and people just to break your nose up!

Baby you’re moving (You’re movin), Keeping big money hopes alive.
Better keep proving (Keep provin), You've got the dream, al-so the drive.

Now you’ve gotten your diploma, but you’d rather have a pool.
Turn in your tiger gear and run from your high school!

Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout), Hanging around the PacSun store.
Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout), It's about time you knew the score.

When we tried to teach you Algebra, you had a rhythmic vision,
And now you will become the only dancing statistician!

Baby don't sweat it (Don't sweat it), You’re assured to get a job.
But don’t forget it (Don’t forget it), ‘Cause you stand out from the mob!

Now you own your dance, go out and prance, and take a chance on you!
Put on that thinking cap and you’ll know what to do.

Baby don't blow it, (Don’t blow it) Don't put your good ef-forts to shame.
Baby you know it, (You know it) Even your sib-lings say the same!

Now you’ve made the call, you cannot fall, for home is all – ways here!
Gotta be tackling ______ College freshman year!

Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout) Graduates high school.
Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout) Graduates high school.
Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout) Graduates high school.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Word of the Day: Cockalorum

I had no idea cockalorum was a real word! Not that his use of it makes sense, but Danny Kaye introduced me to the word when I was but a wee lass.  And it stuck. 

Master of all Masters, get out of your barnacle and put on your swibs and crackers for White-faced Siminy has got a spark of hot cockalorum on its tail and unless you  get the pondalorum High Top o’ Mountain will be all on hot cockalorum.

To find two fabulous Danny Kaye records, including Stories from Faraway Places, go here. I've posted about the ArtsReformation page before, but if you're interested in what children were listening to in the 50s and 60s, you really ought to check it out! 

Danny's story, The Big Oven (< 3min.), might be of particular interest these days of outrageous government spending policies. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's Dog is Full of "Whoa!"

How does one train a dog to show its teeth against the glass or blow air bubbles out of its nose?

This certainly does look like one happy dog (except when the other dog is taking it for a walk).

(via The Bark)

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Been A While

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Power of Dog

“It’s nice to share a religious experience with my pets,’’ said Lynda Juppe, who lives in Tewksbury. “‘God’ is ‘dog’ spelled backwards. Here, you know you’re with dog people, and you can’t go wrong with dog people.’’

From Paws and Worship, Boston Globe 30 May 2001

Apart from a saucy quip by Sr. Mary Bernadette and the simple comfort that one gains in having a pet, the article reveals a sort of unholy intersection of values which are in stark contrast to mine: first, that one’s life is at the mercy of God, and second, that animals have cognitive powers that equal one’s own (this may very well be the case in a few rare instances, but to assume this of others is just bad manners).

If you are not attempting to enslave me, kill my dog, or anyone else in the name of that which you worship, then I really don’t care what you value beyond human life, be it deity or dog. I don’t discount the power of either of these values in the lives of those who adopt them, merely, that there is no logic which compels me to  adopt them. The problem arises when religion or the anthropomorphization of animals informs the law. Laws founded upon these notions – abortion laws, limits on stem cell research, animal welfare laws – are in direct violation of the individual rights our government is supposed to protect.

On a matter related to the comforting power of pets, in visiting my mother in the hospital recently, we were treated to a little visit from Nina, a certified therapy dog (it said so on her ID badge)!  She was an adorable white . . . are you ready for this . . . Pekingese! So cute, I had to ask twice if her owner was sure that she was a Pekingese!  Anyway, the dog was definitely delightful and sweet, but I had to wonder: apart from the simple joy seeing, petting, and possibly holding a little dog could bring to a little kid, does a brief visit from a cute pup really bring comfort to folks in the hospital? 

I’d guess that seeing the same dog on a regular basis during an extended hospital stay might brighten those days, but I would think that letting the dog hang out on your bed and getting to stroke its soft, clean fur for some significant amount of time might make you feel a little better – not the meaningless four minute visits. Some quick research on the subject reveals that pet ownership is what is therapeutic to convalescing adults, while pet visits may prove more therapeutic in redirecting the attention of children in pain. [1][2][3][4]

And speaking of anthropomorphizing animals: Is it just me, or do you swear this dog is about to say something worth hearing? And not just because it can talk, but because it is sure to sound like Aslan, King Moonracer, or James Earl Jones – the voice of God, if you will – as it conveys its wisdom onto its loyal subjects? I find its face hypnotic and have changed my desktop background so I can see it every time I’m at the computer. I wonder if it will affect my psyche and my decision the next time I’m in the market for a dog.

Used with permission.
“Kat” is a female Cane Corso and matriarch breeding stock of StoneCroft Cane Corso in Virginia.  And I love the way she looks.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Campaign Promises

While Olive offered nothing more than magical thinking, at least the limo-thing seems to be coming true.

I still think Betty Boop had a better handle on the issues, although I would definitely have to vote for her opponent, Mr. Nobody, at this point.