Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bountiful Picnic

On an idyllic summer morning, a few friends decide to gather in one of their backyards for an impromptu picnic. Food, fun, and families abound! Joyful children romp between the lounge chairs, the swing set, and the pitchers filled with pink lemonade in the comfortably familiar setting. Parents are happy and relaxed in appreciation of their shared bounty.

Life is good.

On a lovely summer morning, a few founders plan a gathering at a park for a town-wide picnic. Food, fun, and neighbors abound!  Excited and unsupervised children scatter between the blankets, tables, and coolers filled with food on the commons.  Neighbors are chatty but watchful of their belongings in the chaotic congregation.

Choosing to be a part of community efforts can be rewarding.

On a menacing summer morning, all folks are queued up in the town square for a mandatory picnic. Food levies are collected according to each person’s ability and then food is doled out according to each person’s needs.  Entitled and unknown children roam wildly through the ranks. Some citizens seek the unearned while others feel guilty and fearful.

Bounty can not be created through the force of government.

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