Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carrying Concealed

Wallet, check.
Phone, check.
Prescription sunglasses, check.
Camera, what? It doesn't fit!

Why? All the rest of this stuff was hiding in my purse, taking up valuable space.

In my defense, I have used everything in my "Emergency supplies:" list within the last month and just added the Eames business card holder (I love it so). It's the dozen tubes of lip stuff that I don't use which is simply out of control. I mean, how many Shades of Nude do I need to buy before I realize that I'm already packing nude lips!


While I don't have Vicious Trollop, I think the names of the lipstick/lipstain colors are why I buy them.

Whisper Pink (that one's a mystery)
Nearly There
Earthly Ore
Champagne on Ice
In the Red
Fabulous Fig (Or Shades of Kamala, I like to call it.)

And those are just the ones I had stashed in my purse!

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