Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Homeschool Dropout

Yesterday, we had a rockin' graduation party for Katy. She wanted to have karaoke so we hired a fabulous karaoke DJ we know and had a lot of fun. The DJ suggested we do a song parody for Katy and Victoria suggest "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease, but about Katy, our homeschool dropout. We wrote it together and it was a big hit with our graduate!

Victoria sang it, of course, and Stephen and I were the back-up singers. I mean, back-up dancers.  I mean, we were in the background trying to look useful - something I don't think we achieved.

Our Homeschool Dropout

Your story’s fun to tell, A teen actuary-elle,
Most called on babysitter on the block!
Your future's getting clear now,
The start of your career now.
Hope you get transfer credits for dog walks!
Family: (La lalala lalala lalala...)

Our homeschool dropout, Big graduation day for you.
Our homeschool dropout, Uses up all of our shampoo!
Well at least you have taken the time, to wash and clean your clothes up,
After running into trees and people just to break your nose up!

Baby you’re moving (You’re movin), Keeping big money hopes alive.
Better keep proving (Keep provin), You've got the dream, al-so the drive.

Now you’ve gotten your diploma, but you’d rather have a pool.
Turn in your tiger gear and run from your high school!

Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout), Hanging around the PacSun store.
Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout), It's about time you knew the score.

When we tried to teach you Algebra, you had a rhythmic vision,
And now you will become the only dancing statistician!

Baby don't sweat it (Don't sweat it), You’re assured to get a job.
But don’t forget it (Don’t forget it), ‘Cause you stand out from the mob!

Now you own your dance, go out and prance, and take a chance on you!
Put on that thinking cap and you’ll know what to do.

Baby don't blow it, (Don’t blow it) Don't put your good ef-forts to shame.
Baby you know it, (You know it) Even your sib-lings say the same!

Now you’ve made the call, you cannot fall, for home is all – ways here!
Gotta be tackling ______ College freshman year!

Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout) Graduates high school.
Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout) Graduates high school.
Our homeschool dropout (Our homeschool dropout) Graduates high school.


Kelly Elmore said...

Congrats to Katy! Also, you guys are so awesome. This is not the first time I have wanted to be a Bourque.

Lynne said...

Since the best families are the ones you chose, consider it a done deal, my friend.

Katrina said...

So she's leaving actuarial science to become a dancer? Or the opposite? Just curious since I'm an ex-dancer actuary myself...

Lynne said...

That is a funny coincidence, Katrina!

She just graduated high school and is going to college for actuarial science. She was homeschooled for a few years, but she dropped out (with permission from the headmistress--me) once she felt more confident about her math skills. During her four years of high school, her favorite thing to do, by far, has been to dance!

I can't wait to tell her there is another dancing statistician!