Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Morning in the Heart of the City

Image as cropped in my datebook.

As a child, I was little impressed with Manhattan more than as a really crowded place with a big, famous statue in the harbor. It wasn't until relatively recently that I have come to appreciate the history, the culture, the human achievement strewn wildly about the small island.

One of my favorite places there is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to the vast collection of magnificent art, it offers an almost decadent amount of perfectly staged indoor space in which to imbibe in the art. While we didn't make it there on our most recent flash tour of NYC, I have a date book that weekly reminds me of both New York, and the MMA: New York New York The Metropolitan Museum of Art: An Art Book and Engagement Book 2011.

Today, I'd like to share the image that accompanied last week's dates. I hope you enjoy this spring morning brought to you by Frederick Childe Hassam as much as I have.

Spring Morning in the Heart of the City, Childe Hassam, 1890

This painting of Madison Square was completed when Madison Square Garden was actually in Madison Square!  The building so named had quite an illustrious and notorious history.  Read more about the four buildings which carried that name on to fame, below.

Madison Square Garden I (1871-1890)
Madison Square Garden II (1890-1924)
Madison Square Garden III (1925-1968)
Madison Square Garden IV (1968- present)

Happy Spring.

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