Monday, May 14, 2012

The Dissemblance of Fragility Tributes

Choosing words carefully not to offend,
Giving less weight to ideas than intend,
Dancing past meaning so each can pretend,
Conflict semantics - not decisive end.

Calling on memories when thoughts had merged,
Sharing and daring, relationship surged,
Prickly points poked but were too quickly purged,
Dearer than different - tolerance urged.

Teetering tenuous bridge of false hold,
Wanting to save what appeared to be gold,
Letting go one end and watching it fold;
Realized in rubble, disvalues all told.

Fearing once fondness forever then lost,
Hiking the hit by remitting the cost,
Cabled connections since tease to be tossed.
Wreckage is wrought from fragility not frost.

Slated with shallow words cried round the lands,
Fated, one tower falls in spite of hands.
Sounded lone truth, one reality bands,
Founded on bedrock, that fortress still stands.

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