Friday, May 3, 2013

Life of Why

As we continue to ask why, to look for some small amount of justice to the heinous, random murder of innocents at the Boston Marathon, we seem to want to skip the initial act as if it were an accident or metaphysically given. By striving to ignore the overwhelming evidential link between terrorism and the religious choice of Islam we do ourselves a grave disservice. We prefer to think there is a magical tale of why behind each horrific act done to glorify the name of Mohammed rather than because it is prescribed in the Koran and fomented among its adherents within and without mosques.    

No, not every mosque is a hotbed of Islamic totalitarianism through violent jihad, just as not every fundamentalist Christian church lays out plans to kill abortion providers. But it is those who fully attend to their medieval religious duties, those who are fed the idea that liberalism and individual freedom are evil, those who see themselves as soldiers of mystical, murderous rot who are urged – no, entitled – to kill innocents in what they see as their fight to spread their religious zeal among those who reject it.

It is these murderers who must be excised by their own religions.

And so it goes with God.

And so it shall continue to go until this religion of peace—or any religion which inspires organized murder of innocents in its name—is understood and identified as the enemy of civilization it continues to reveal itself to be. 

Don’t ask why they do it -- they do it by choice; ask why we choose to ignore what inspires that choice over and over again.

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