Friday, February 7, 2014

Wards of the State

All your children are belong to us.

Silly, silly parents. You have this outdated notion that your children belong to you. They don't. In this special version of the same -- including a presidential attempt to marginalize those who disagree with him -- Paul Reville, former Massachusetts Secretary of Education restates the same.

Because they attend government schools, your children belong to the government. Yes, you love, feed, house, and nominally guide those children toward adulthood, but the government -- that nameless, faceless collective of local, state, and federal "educators"  -- gets to decide what they learn and how they learn 180 captive days of every year.

What's better than that type of thought channelization? They actually mine the children for data to support future government programs.

It all works out nicely for the powers that be.
And that, by no means, includes you or those small people you quaintly refer to as your children.


Anonymous said...

“Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

Sounds like if we were to put all of these guys in a bag with Barney Frank and shook them up, then Hillary Clinton's "It Takes A Village" would probably fall out.

c. andrew

Lynne said...

Ugh. Frankly, I was hoping to never have to hear that name again.