Monday, August 2, 2010

3 Good Things (two subtle edition)

Two seconds travel on the Merritt Parkway and the tunnel turns from glowing orange to bewitching green.

Two black dots and funky flat-top flowers turn into bikini bottoms. (Sebastiano Ranchetti via Frog Blog)

Two sides meeting in a point rather than a curve and blue-hair punk turns into pensive pixie.


Jenn Casey said...

I think I want blue (teal?) hair next!!!

Lynne said...

Do it!! Imagine it: Managing three kids and sporting teal hair at the local grocery store = Force to be Reckoned With. I like it. I'll do purple if you do teal.

I really prefer the ear alterations. I wonder if I can do that without surgical intervention. My ears are pretty durn pointy to begin with.