Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Behold the Power of Girlfriends

Subject: I may not believe in God, but . . .

I do believe in Girlfriend Superpowers!

I put the pic of us at the Liberty Hotel onto my phone as my default picture. Last night I was stressing out a little because I had to give a presentation to a class of grad students, and I was nervous .......and then I caught sight of our six smiling faces/martini-holding hands, and I thought to myself:

"Girlfriend Superpowers - Activate!"
And then I was suddenly very calm and gave a really good presentation.
It's nice to know that there's good karma out there in the universe for me to call on when I need it. Your powers work even when you are unaware!
So thank you for being my friends.....

Anyone who can throw a Super Friends Justice League Wonder Twins reference into a quick and heartfelt email must be my friend.

And she is.


The Rat Cap said...

I named one of my dogs "Gleek" after the Wonder Twins wonder monkey. Love those guys!

Lynne said...

Form of a tsunami! Shape of a phoenix!

As you are a member of my own Blogging Friends Justice League, this admission does not surprise me.