Friday, October 8, 2010

Posting Pastiche

Here are just a few odds and ends I wanted to share under a title created by one of my new favorite words: pastiche.  I don’t know why I love it so.  It seems the very sound of it simply conjures up its meaning while connoting certain happy conditions. Then again, it could be because it reminds me of pistachios.

Speaking of pistachios, did you always know that those nuts were dyed? Despite the fact that my fingers and face got all red (I’ve always been kind of a passionate nut eater), until I was a teenager, I had no idea there was such a thing as not-red, or rather, natural pistachios! It is quite possible that I was never very bright (except when bright red), but I’d rather think this was a random sort of unquestioned, inconsequential fact that slipped through my otherwise steel-trap of a young mind.

Fast Facts Practice

This subtitle has alliteration, assonance, and consonance, with the added bonus of making my daughter absolutely crazed for two to five minutes every homeschooled morning! I'm certain that someday she will thank me for what she now considers to be this mild torture.

In other math news, we have come upon the holy grail of Algebra: y=mx+b.

Did you hear that, too?

Lynne’s Window Channel: Life in Low-Def

I have not yet gotten over my obsession with the Window Channel.  In fact, I have started to record my own particular scenic outlooks. I can share only a few as there are often people known to me in the other clips and they have not given me permission to release their fabulous images on my blog.

Four! Count ‘Em, Four!

I have been remiss in posting the weekly Objectivist Round Up, so I’ve rounded them all up here.

#166 at Erosophoria  
#169 at Sacred Ego

What I’d really like is an accompanying picture of a bunch of Objectivists on horseback – in cowboy hats! I do have a picture of three Objectivists on horseback, but we were required to wear those icky bike/riding helmets, so the image offers only a chance for ridicule rather than Round Up flair.

An Irregular Ode to a Yodel

After yesterday’s post, I was reminded by Amy that I had left out an important player in the snack cake panoply of my youth. While I was familiar with the Hostess brand, HoHos, it was the Drake’s brand that won my heart, and so, I have penned this little poem in order to ameliorate my oversight.

Your delicately brittle feigned-chocolate shells
Test my oral ability;
Three pieces or fewer, your hard wrap compels
Its removal with lingual facility.
Then your real promise lies in your synclinal folds,
Radiating brown cake and white “cream.”
What a sweet juxtaposition your stratum holds,
But for a partially hydrogenated dream.
When a Man is More Like a Woman

I thought this article courtesy of a link from Woodshed Fitness, was as hilarious as it was potentially offensive.  Understanding his light the fire within goading, not to mention being a woman, I certainly wasn’t offended by it.  I did, however, find myself wondering if the converse were true: if a woman goes gently into that good night, does she become more like a man? Or is it implying that I should start eating M&Ms to get me some sweater puppies!

Just kidding.

I know nothing short of a couple of surgically implanted saline packs will work that kind of magic, so I’d best keep adapting, refining, and integrating better eating and exercise choices into my life: Not only to stave off my approach toward manliness, but also to ensure my continued enjoyment of the more subtle trappings of being in those peak reproductive years.

How Will You Celebrate?

Reading, researching, remembering.  My personal celebration will involve the consumption of some sort of historically accurate salty meat products from the region of Columbus' birth. (Now you may understand why the original name of this blog was The Rationalization of Salami.

And with that, I wish you all an excellent Columbus Day weekend.


Woodshed said...

Interesting to note: within what I'd loosely call the canonical CrossFit literature, it's a lot harder to find description or treatment of the female aging process from a hormonal standpoint. Most often we stop short at "hey ladies, you don't have enough testosterone to get bulky, so don't worry about lifting weight."

We should do better.

Slope intercepting my way to watch tv now, but see you in the AM,

Lynne said...

I didn't do any research on it but I can't imagine that it's much different for women. We probably just become more gender neutral - like teletubbies.

Do not make me laugh before I lift.

Fiddler said...

Watched your Window Channel debut all the way through to the end. Thanks for the laugh--I needed it this morning!

Lynne said...

That makes me very happy.

I told Stephen, even I'm bored with the video, and I shot it! I wonder if anyone will make it to the end. Well, if they do, that's their little treat. Oh, it's a only a little thing, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

programs said...

Hey Lynne,

Thanks for the link to my blog. I know it's late, but a series of blog posts are on the way to explain the craziness.

Thanks again for the link.


Lynne said...

Here is the fixed link to "You Suck As a Man" article - for now!