Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Poetry and Prose Meet

Last week my favorite student at our homeschool was assigned to write a brief poem combining alliteration, end rhyme, internal rhyme, and near rhyme.  The first two are favorites around here, but the third can be tricky, and the fourth almost always escapes me.

The subject was of her own choosing and clearly reflects our book of the month. I was quite impressed by her efforts.

by Vabulous Me

The fire will flicker in a jolly way,
Glowing, not knowing where to stay.
T’will light up every house on every street,
Living and giving the warmth that we need.
And, oh! It’s so dangerous when out of control,
It’ll cackle and crackle and burn till it’s cold.
Humans, all different, have one common rift,
Hating or 'preciating Prometheus’s Gift.


Lynne said...

When I said I was impressed by her efforts, I really meant her idea. I think she beautifully illustrates the difference between man knowing he can harness a resource and cowering in fear over its seemingly inconquerable power.

Kelly Elmore said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed, both by all the rhymes going on in there, the subject matter, and the general quality of the poem. Rock on, poet girl!

Lynne said...

Discomforting to me,
It's the poetry,
That occupies her mind.
In truth I wish,
Could be just a smidge
More slope-intercept form of a line.

But I did love this one.

Stephen Bourque said...

That's my girl!

Fiddler said...

Such a great sense of rhythm that girl has--this poem has great musicality, and I can see (and hear) the amount of effort she put into it.