Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Good Things (Up to Date Weekend Edition)

1)  My daughter's friend has been keeping up with her Dr. Who obsession. She made her TARDIS earrings as a party favor for her own birthday party. Awesome.

2)  I've been reading, reading, reading to stay on top of my three book clubs. We read Galt's Speech, two supporting essays, then met to discuss it with friends for my Atlas Shrugged Reading Group. I finished The Help for a neighborhood book club this week and am reading the Koran and Spencer commentary for another discussion group.

3)  No kids Saturday night: date night at home. There is nothing quite as wonderful as date night at home. I wonder, though: when all the kids have permanently moved out, will our time home alone be as sweet? Certainly the stolen moments aspect of it will be absent, but I plan to make the concentrated time together every bit as appreciated. I don't imagine it will be terribly difficult, but it will be somewhat different.

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