Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Good Things (Cool Hand Look edition)

Now that the snow has arrived--all too early for my liking--it's time to break out the winter hand protection. Black leather gloves have been my standard wear for the last 30 years or so with an occasional infusion of leopard or zebra print here and there. Recently, I found these really cool gloves that I wouldn't mind adding to my monochromatic collection.

Don't say goodbye, say "ironic things" in "air quotes." (From Kate Spade via SwissMiss)

 Because there is conductive material woven into the fingertips of these gloves, you can use your electronic devices without freezing your phalanges off. (From Muji via SwissMiss).

Hedgehog mittens!!!! These are the cutest things ever - but you have to knit them yourself. Jenn? Earl? Somebody? (From CritterKnits)

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