Friday, November 4, 2011

The Old Farmhouse Just Ain't What It Used to Be

Although my current home does not reflect this, I'm a huge fan of sleek modern architecture, minimalist interior design, and modern conveniences (Okay. I have modern conveniences). Even so, there has always been something about the old sprawling farmstead -- the building that seems to accrue organically as space and functional needs dictate -- that has always been attractive to me. But this one took me by surprise.

On first inspection, it's an lovely old New England farmstead, freshly whitewashed with a vibrant red door nestled among the rolling hills of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Pretty. 

Through the dusk, the landscape seems well-managed and the shapes oddly regular. On closer inspection, however, we see that it is not what it first appears to be!

Front (a little sterile)
Back (bam!)

Side (glowing)

Interior (clean and sleek) 

Hey - we have those Eileen Gray tables

Plan (and structure) by Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Set on 146 acres in Great Barrington, this 5000 sf home can be yours for $3.9M. Please call me when you move in. I'd love to see it.