Monday, February 25, 2008

Objective Beauty

Speaking of objective beauty: what makes Helen Mirren so damn sexy and how can I get some? Seriously – she’s one stunning older woman!

Having just recently watched the Queen (in which Miss Mirren was fabulous!) we were really happy to see Helen as a presenter at the Academy Awards last night. Each time I see her I have a renewed sense of awe at just how attractive she is. Lest you should think my sexual allegiance may be threatened by this feeling, I assure you, I was equally as impressed with the difference a good haircut can make on Javier Bardem, I just have no cultural history with Mr. Bardem - a situation I plan to rectify soon.

In looking for good photographs of the two, I think I stumbled upon something. Part of the attractiveness of each of them is in their motions. They each carry themselves with grace, dignity, and some je ne sais quoi! That's what I want to better define.

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