Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blogging: As Easy as 1,2,3

First, it's snowing. Eeeeeee!

(Someday, I'm going to post on the absolute joy that comes from watching Danny Kaye, Donald O'Connor, and Dick Van Dyke. Maybe even later today.)

Secondly, for health reasons, I'm contemplating the idea of fasting and the effects of Vitamin D. That's all. No decisions. It's really no more than contemplation at this point. [File under irony: as I am writing about diet and health, my darling husband has brought a lovely grilled cheese on fresh Italian bread to my bedside. Perhaps I need to be comtemplating these things out loud.]

And lastly, I haven't been blogging because I've had relatively little to share. I've been going about the business of being me, and I have gone into hibernation-prep mode (loading up on the essentials, not to mention the non-essentials like chocolate and pie, and now, grilled cheese sandwiches, which may have much more to do with my lack of blogging than I am willing to herein admit). But, I have been reading, trying to keep up with the wit and wisdom of my bloggy friends, and making comments hither and yon (maybe yawn is more appropriate here, for when I'm preparing for hibernation, my mind struggles to make connections beyond the cold of winter and the warmth of sharing the holidays with my husband and children).

I will be back in full swing when the inspiration or desire to share more strikes me. Maybe this practice is just the jumpstart I need.

In the meantime, I'd like to direct you to my friend Fiddler's blog which is consistent in presenting the joy of music and poetry. Enjoy!


Christina said...

Grilled cheese--there's Vitamin D in that, right? Fasting, huh? Let me know what you find out, please.

Watching White Christmas is semi-traditional in our house on the day or evening of the first snow (even if it happens in October), so we have our afternoon planned! I think the song you posted is my favorite Irving Berlin tune, too. Though there are so many from which to choose!

Hope you find time and inspiration to blog soon, LB. Happy hibernating!

Jenn Casey said...

White Christmas might be my all-time favorite holiday movie. Love it. My sister and I still spontaneously break out into "Sisters" and I just love Rosemary Clooney's voice.

Sigh. I want to watch it RIGHT NOW but can't.

Can't wait for your post on Danny, Donald, and Dick. Love them all! How do you feel about Fred Astaire?

Lynne said...

I know there is vitamin D in the milk I drink, but I'm not sure about the cheese. The sandwich was certainly yummy, though.

Fasting is definitely a "down the road" experiment. I need to get back on the good diet and exercise wagon first and then I think I'll give it a try for all the reasons in the blog post I linked to.

Re: Fred Astaire, Rational Jenn, I'm sad to report that I just can't get past his seeming lack of manliness - not sexuality, but manliness. (Could you recommend a movie that might provide an antidote to this feeling?) I'm not sure when this aversion started, but his miscasting as Audrey Hepburn's love interest in Funny Face certainly didn't help. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Humphrey Bogart, also a seeming miscast as the love interest of young Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, always seems to be able to pull off the leading man role. Of course, it takes a great deal more talent to do it while dancing.

Did either of you know that Bob Fosse is the uncredited choreographer of White Christmas (so says and uncited source in wikipedia)?

Where, oh where, have the fabulous musicals gone?

Shez said...

I'm fasting right now for health reasons. I have a severe case of inflammation of the vitreous of my eye and retinal involvment that has not responded to mega steroid doses. Since I used food and fasting to put my RA into remission and since inflammation of the eye is often related to RA, I figured fasting would help. we'll see, 2.5 days didn't so I am going for another week. I see the eye doc on Friday. (that's why I haven't been blogging btw. I am struggling to see).

re vitamin D. you need the sun or supplements to get enough, milk doesn't give it to you.. I've been chronically deficient for 2 years despite taking 50,000 I.U. a week for all that time. at least my numbers are up from 5 to 19. Still, it's not good to be that low.

Lynne said...

Hello Shez. I'm sorry to hear about your eye inflammation and hope it's resolved soon.

I was thinking of you regarding my interest in Vitamin D. I need to know so much more, not necessarily for myself, but for my youngest who has had an overprotective "bad sun" mother (okay - that's me) and kept her lily-white skin out of the sun without a thick slather of sun screen (skin cancer is in both sides of her family). I'll talk to her doctor about it next time we see her.

I'm glad that you've found fasting and food work toward improving symptoms of RA. It always amazes me how many ailments can be reduced by focusing on the right nutrition.

Take care.