Monday, November 9, 2009

Early Influences

Sometimes I forget what a charmed life I led as a child. One of my greatest possessions was my very own Close-N-Play and the entire collection of Sesame Street 45s in their own snazzy carrying case. That’s right, people: The entire collection (circa 1970). I played those records over and over and over again. I forget about those early influences until I hear the lead-ins to any of the classic Sesame Street songs and all the words come rushing back.  In honor of Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary, I’d like to share some of my favorites.

The songs by Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss were engaging, but the Muppet creations by Jim Henson were inspiring.

Sure. You couldn’t pay me to watch it now, but I did love Sesame Street and some of those pre-Elmo characters, to wit I give you this little quiz so you can determine which Sesame Street character you are most like.   I was the Count which didn’t surprise me at all but did call the validity of the quiz into question for many of my friends who thought I should be Oscar.  Go figure.  (See? That’s why I’m the Count.)
In addition to the Street personalities, Jim Henson gave us great characters on the Muppet Show. Of course, I couldn’t have known then that one of my favorites would have a tagline I would use in everyday life as it so perfectly characterizes and stirs up  a certain person in my house when I sing it to him.

From MuppetWiki:
The last line of the song is always "Børk! Børk! Børk!" and is punctuated by the Chef throwing the utensils over his shoulder to crash into the crockery behind him. (Although the letter "ø" does not exist in Swedish — it is a Danish/Norwegian letter whose Swedish equivalent is "ö" – the Chef's trademark word is nearly universally spelled as "Børk."

Aaah.  Good times.

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