Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Environmentalist

Have you ever seen Al Gore’s TED Talks?

I have always found it most interesting that a large portion of those of us who would staunchly reject the God the Father on rational grounds would so readily adopt Earth the Mother with little else to go on than a growing consensus among federally-funded scientists and some anecdotal power point slides.  I will not debate the facts of global warming, as I would not debate the facts of global cooling or plate tectonics: earth systems are very large and still somewhat unpredictable.

My education and rational faculties, however, prevent me from a wholesale belief in anthropogenic global warming, and particularly in any governmental solutions to any such warming. What I do see and understand is that those who buy into man-made global warming are not content to change their own behaviors, but rather feel they must mandate the behavior of others.  Mr. Gore consistently applies his mantra: “Change the light bulbs – but change the laws” in this presentation.  He is asking his faithful to yoke all of our individual choices and tie them to governmental “solutions” of a global system.

It would seem the transparent desire of environmentalists is to worship the pure, natural Earth and punish dirty, industrial man.  This desire is evident in the cartoon winner (unsuspecting urbanites squashed by falling elephants representing CO2 emissions) and the slide series of the development of Bolivia (aerial shots of untamed green jungle giving way to brown geometric human habitat over 30 years).  We are told the answer is also in new designs (a hopeful moment) but not merely by encouraging those technologies by choosing them in the free market, but to nudge them through taxation penalties on those using old technology.

For me, the best part of the talk was the very last minute which showed some incredibly cool design ideas.  Of course, this was not part of the presentation, but rather put forth by Autodesk, a design software firm looking to make financial gains in this industrial world through the free market.

Instead of hopping on proposed preventative governmental interference which would no doubt lead to sacrifice, a lower standard of living, and a tremendous redistribution of our personal assets, why don’t we see what the great mind of man, the producer, can achieve and then choose for ourselves?

If a solution is needed, the free market would offer something better than any measures forced upon us by the government.


Rational Education said...

I watched the first couple of minutes. They (including Gore here)say it openly. He talks about changing "behaviors" and talks of changing laws -obviously for those of us who will not tow the line and change our behaviors per their commands! Obviously if the fear, scare and guilt tactics will not work on some of us they will bring in the handcuffs, jails, guns firing squads thru the "law" to "help" us change our behavior and "citizenship" understanding.

Have you noticed how Gore is in recent weeks been pushed to the forefront -he is all over the media? The liberals think they have the health legislation under their belt so now the move will be to concentrate on cap & trade and Gore will be the public face of that effort in my estimation. This effort is to enslave on a world wide scale thru the IPCC, UN, IMF, Copenhagen effort in December, etc.

There is a 39 minute film from CEI that I have posted on my blog. It has some good information.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the link to the CEI video, I'll watch it later.

Happily, I have NOT noticed Gore becoming more prominent (in the media, that is) these days, but I'm certain you're right regarding the fact that he has become the defacto face of environmentalism.

Lynne said...

Overall, I found that the video did a decent job debunking the catastrophic portion of CAGW, but gave too much to the idea of anthropogenic global warming in general and to the scientific consensus specifically. Of course it did a fine job on exposing the true costs of the proposed policies, which is the most immediate and avoidable catastrophe we face.


HaynesBE said...

A quick reaction:

Taxes don't nudge, they clobber.

I look forward to checking out the links.