Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Baby, Slip an ROUS* Under the Tree, For Me

It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?
Have you seen the fashion world’s new guilt-free fur source, the nutria? Once worn by such luminaries as Greta Garbo and Liz Taylor, it’s enjoying a resurgence due to rebranding.

The nutria, commonly known as a swamp rat, is now the poster pest of misguided efforts to square man’s use of his world with its jealous and cruel goddess, Gaia. Check out the Righteous Fur logo:
It seems the problem is that even with their attempts at making fur “guilt-free” by explaining the rodents’ environmentally destructive habits, the House of Yes, who hosted the Nutria Fashion Show in November received some uncomplimentary comments from those who abhor the non-furry's use of fur – period.
So they did what any self-respecting arts space and venue would do – they held a We’re Sorry – Let’s Get Naked party. 
While their tongue-in-cheek reasons for holding the follow-up event is somewhat amusing, I find the original concession of guilt-inducing fashion even more disturbing than the giant, orange-toothed rodents themselves.  
Size comparison of nutria and man
I truly can’t imagine a nutria pelt ever being as beautiful and luxurious as that of a silver fox, but I would certainly wear it if it were really soft, warm, and attractive. Provided, of course, that I could get the smell of the Fire Swamp out of it.


Christina said...

A luxurious *rat* coat, how festive! I do, however, love the the film reference, my dearest Lynne.

Cheryl said...