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This is a personal blog. Therefore, I am herein making some personal updates in reference to some past posts.
We are now totally smitten with Veronica Mars. Thanks, Kelly.
Marilyn Monroe’s dressing was the highlight of my Thanksgiving meal – and I don’t even like stuffing!  Perhaps I was better off without this newfound crunchy, crispy, savory, traditional Thanksgiving delight.
I have gotten stuck in a deep squat position under the weight bar, fallen backwards with the bar in a front rack position (I dropped it a little lower on the way back so I didn’t strangle myself), and tripped on my own feet onto the jump box (that happened this morning), all without hurting myself. These are all possible examples that my intensity stinks, or as I prefer to think of it, that CrossFit is fun!
And finally, because once it’s in there, Catholicism never dies –
Take this, all of you, and make t-shirts from it.  This is the work of my Adobe and it will be shared with you and all men so that values may be worn. Do this on mammary or lee (other side).

Thanks for the suggested addition, Jenn


Kelly Elmore said…
I am so glad that you like Veronica Mars! Fair warning: Nothing compares to the first season. The others seasons aren't nearly as good, and I only watch them because I want more of the characters. The plots are lame.

I also think I may have to get a shirt with your Tshirt design. Did you do it in cafe press? And, how many of us do you think there are? It's a small but proud club!
Lynne said…
Re: Veronica Mars, that was my complaint with GG (but just the last two, maybe three seasons).

Can you say Christmas present?

To answer your "How many" question, I will once again have to refer to the wise old Tootsie Pop owl.

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