Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Good Things (Uncommon Goods Edition)

In a fit of trying to rid the house of unnecessary items (only to bring in more unnecessary items at a later date when I forget why I threw a fit to get rid of the other stuff in the first place) I don't do as much catalog shopping as I used to. In fact, other than Lands End - who might NEVER remove me from their mailing list for reasons only they can understand - a scant three companies bother to send catalogs to my house on a regular basis: Bas Bleu, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, and Uncommon Goods.  I love them all!

Here are a few of the things in Uncommon Goods that I won't buy but am very happy to know exist in the world for others to buy (or make):

1. The F-bomb Paperweight

The possibility of dropping this rather than its namesake in front of my neighbor's kids gives me further reason to break out my welding kit.

2. Personalized Couple Pillow

I could draw a certain cartoonish likeness of folks, but my more crafty friends could definitely make these delightfully personalized gifts. (Christmas idea.)

3. Renewal Tree Globes

Yes, the names make them a little new-agey, but I have a thing for glass, light, colors, globes, and trees.  Put them all together and call me enchanted! They remind me of my bloggy friend's lovely tree pendants.

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