Monday, August 1, 2011

A Distinguished Household

According to a New York Times article and its interactive info-graphic, last week my household was like over 500,000 other households in the US with a married couple and three kids, two under the age of 18.  

Then, when one of my daughters turned 18, our household became less common, if you will, with a married couple and three kids, but only one under the age of 18.  

As my son prepares to move out into his own house, we are left with the fact that we are soon to become a household like over 1% of the households in this country. 

Even more frightening is the fact that as my daughter heads out to college, our type household will become quite commonplace: a married couple with one child under the age of 18 – similar to over 5% of the households in the country. 

Staring down that sea of sameness and struggling, somehow, to distinguish ourselves, we came up with a plan. 

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