Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Frodo Baggins Pied a Terre

I would have used the hyphenated word had I wanted to discuss a quaint walk-up in the Shire. Alas, this is truly about a foot on the ground: specifically my bare foot on the hot, hot ground.

Yes, this is about burn/friction blisters the size of half-dollars on the both feet from barefoot running!

It was only a 400m barefoot warm-up run, which I have done several times since the barefoot running clinic.  Some of the time it was at 7 in the morning or 7 at night, but the initial barefoot run was done at 3:00 on a wicked hot day!  At 3:00 the heat is radiating back from the pavement surface making it even hotter, and yet, I had no problem on that day.

Yesterday, however, I burned the hell out of both feet. I will spare you further description except to add that I am walking like a fragile old lady trying not to pop the gigantic blisters and invite infection which results in death (as warned by my mother).

The good news is that the huge blisters are in the right spot, on the ball of each foot, showing that I’m running correctly. The bad news is that I probably have second degree burns on the bottoms of both feet showing that I’m not thinking correctly.

I should have figured that the transition from skin as soft as a baby’s bottom to hobbit feet was going to take a lot longer than ten days.

Live and learn. 


Jenn Casey said...

Oh noes! I hope you heal quickly and soon. The road is so hot here, I can feel it through my "barefoot" shoes. Can't imagine going barefoot in the literal sense!

And I know you're in pain and that sucks, but your paragraph about running correctly vs thinking correctly made me laugh. Not at you, but at the fact that that's something I might have written in just the same way (for different circumstances).

Lynne said...

I'm really not in pain - which in itself may be a little worrisome - I just want to avoid compressing the things which takes a lot of effort when they're on THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET!

Despite my mother's warnings, I'm sure it'll be fine in a few days. A week? A few weeks? Oy.

Debbie said...

What about Vibrams? Don't they allow barefoot running without the bare?

Lynne said...

Yes! There are plenty of options for like-barefoot running, I just haven't gotten around to figuring out which I want (I only know that I don't want the VFFs).