Monday, January 9, 2012

I CrossFit so I can . . .

make the bed!

Seriously, if there is ever a time where I think to myself thank god I lift weights, it's when I'm changing the sheets on my bed.

Our bed in someone else's way cool room.
As slaves to modern minimalist design tastes, we own this awesome funky clean-line Japanese-style platform-like bed. Sadly we do not have a foam mattress, but a standard innerspring which weighs roughly 7,000 lbs. Even more sadly, instead of an actual platform, we have slats across the base (not sure why). 

The platform around the bed (what I refer to as its running board) and slatted interior adds a level of difficultly to the dressing-the-mattress feat because tucking in the corners to remotely resemble the inspiring clean lines above means reaching to pick up its corners approximately twelve times each change, four times each tidy making. This means holding the top of a 300 lb. dead lift out in front of you while magically maneuvering the corners and lengths of the bedding layers - maintaining vigilance to not knock the papers, books, assorted socks, and various writing implements gathered along the running board into the under-mattress abyss - many times in one ten minute process! 

Really, it is that frustrating for me. 

Which is why I rarely do it.

And why we own a big comfy down cover to throw over the whole mess most days. 

From a foam mattress manufacturer's website featuring the bed above: 

Clearly, I missed something along the way. 

Caught up in our desire to create a Zen-like environment, we have created an opportunity for additional inappropriate horizontal storage (running board clutter), an impromptu workout (making the bed shouldn't require a warm-up), and a major kvetch-session (herein). 


I feel better. 

I think I can put the whole thing to bed now. 


Jenn Casey said...

I'm always surprised how much "functional fitness" I truly use every day, and am super happy that CrossFit has helped me prepare for every day challenges such as carrying a 40 pound water bottle and picking crap up off the floor.

I don't have your bed challenge (but even so, I somehow manage never to make ours anyway), but I truly sympathize!

Lynne said...

Now if CrossFit could only prepare us for the drudgery of sorting, folding, and putting away laundry . . .

Christina said...

"Now if CrossFit could only prepare us for the drudgery of sorting, folding, and putting away laundry . . ."

That's what Hulu is for! Maybe not the putting away part, but definitely the other two.

Lynne said...

Good point! But if I don't put it away immediately after the sorting and folding, it tends to fall on the floor, get slept on by the dog, and have to be washed all over again!

So if there's something really good on Hulu, it still doesn't help. I need to concentrate on completing the task. It's pretty pathetic, actually.

Lynne said...

I would volunteer to change the sheets AGAIN this week if I had these.