Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To a Kiss (The Parting Kiss)

by Robert Burns (25 Jan 1759 - 21 July 1796), 

Humid seal of soft affections,
Tend'rest pledge of future bliss,
Dearest tie of young connections,
Love's first snow-drop, virgin kiss.

Speaking silence, dumb confession,
Passion's birth, and infants' play,
Dove-like fondness, chaste concession,
Glowing dawn of brighter day.

Sorrowing joy, adieu's last action,
Ling'ring lips, -- no more to join!
What words can ever speak affection
Thrilling and sincere as thine! 

Happy Robert Burns' Day.

The poem is found under both titles. I prefer the title "To a Kiss" to the other; the first captures the import of the action in different situations -- as does the poem -- rather than concentrate solely on the final parting. 

It's lovely either way. 

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