Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Master of All Masters

Danny Kaye is a master story teller as well as a singer, dancer, actor, and kind of a treasure in his own right. When I was growing up, this album was my very favorite! I had searched for it for years without any luck and then I finally found this site at which many old children’s albums have been downloaded as MP3s.

I'm not certain about the legal issues of this site, but I think that since these albums are not available any longer, it is not an infringement issue. If someone knows better, please tell me and I will remove the link.

I have really enjoyed sharing these stories with my children. Maybe you’ll find an album that you’d like to share with yours.


Rational Jenn said...

I love Danny Kaye! Did you ever see that movie "The Court Jester?" It's been forever since I've seen it, but as a child it always made me crack up.

LB said...

Yes, but I don't remember it too much. We watch White Christmas many times a year (it's not just for Christmas, you know) and he is great in that (even though he was the third choice after Fred Astaire and Donald O'Connor). He's just a funny, funny man.

Robert Tracy said...

Can't beat "Little White Duck" by Burl Ives.

Find it here: