Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Real Good News for Modern Man

This article in last week’s Houston Chronicle is worth reading. It tells the story of a young woman whose heart was failing and her tough decision to not have a heart transplant. Luckily for her, she lives in an age where the best and brightest minds are working on alternatives for ailing hearts. She not only avoided the transplant, but now she has her life, and her heart, back! Parties responsible for this good news: the brave young woman, her doctors, and the designers at Thoratec.

After having read the comments to the article, I think my post title would have served as a better title – geesh!


C. August said...

Cool breakthrough. And based on the comments, The Lord Jebus Christ Lamb of God is the one to thank. I think this person put it best:

shebasleopard wrote:
Beautiful story, Salina on your second chance! God is with you always in many loving ways. Give Praises To God for He is worthy of Praise Jehovah Rapha Our God Our Healer!

Amen and Amen!

I couldn't have said it better myself. It's important to remember that the productive and creative use of the mind is really all due to God or Jebus or Jehova Rapha (who?! I read it initially as Jehova Ralph, which I found very funny) suffusing us with Holy Spirit.

Holy shi'ite. These people are un-fricken-believable. *sigh*

Lynne said...

Man, some of those comments were just plain scary.

For me, the best part was that she went back to work teaching first graders with the pump attached! It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the fact that these little kids understood on some level(evidenced by their silence when she changed the batteries) the importance that this piece of equipment had in sustaining their teacher's life.

Cool beans.