Monday, March 3, 2008

WGBH fundraising.

Sure, I've become part of the misguided machine. Last night, I was among the many who answered the phones for WGBH as part of their month long fund drive. I have to say it was great fun. Mostly, the calls I got were from people who wanted the premiums (gifts in the form of books, CDs, or tickets) that were being hawked on Channels 2 and 44 - but it seemed to be quite a win-win situation for the callers and the station. I'm sure Stephen has a different opinion about the constant begging throughout the month of March, but I was happy to help.

Additionally, the new 'GBH studio in Brighton is fabulous! Walking along the outside of the modern corrugated metal building, I read the words to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood theme song (sniff, sniff), and "Hey! It's a Wonderful Day!" the theme song from Arthur (again, sniff, sniff).

I love PBS - I do wish it were completely privately funded.

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