Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Edge of Objectivist Activism

A few weeks ago I decided to become more active in my pursuit of truth, justice, and the American way….okay, more like more active not only in the course of my life, but also in somehow attempting to alter the mindset of others: a dangerous proposition, I know. This attempt is made more dangerous by the fact that up until a few months ago I had decided that a well-lived life was the best way to impact those around you, which, in turn, is the most influence you could ever hope to achieve. What started as a slow burn a few months ago blossomed into a few glorious, passionate weeks, however, when I thought I was going to change the world.

This step-change started with a casual reading of a classic book I had missed in my youth, Brave New World, an innocent question by a school teacher friend, and serious frustration with the lack of American leadership in our country. It then spilled over into my scouring the internet and newspapers, for items on which to make blog comments, list postings, and letters to the editor. Most of the comments, I reconsidered, list postings I didn’t finish quite well enough to be posted, and letters to the editor I honed, but didn’t end up sending. After my tremendous internal struggle encapsulated by the phrase “to send or not to send”, I decided that I needed to understand the ideas better before I began to try to spread those ideas. So it’s back to the basics: The Virtue of Selfishness, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, OPAR, ItOE, Aristotle’s Logic and Rhetoric, and How to Write Chick Lit – okay that last part was just to release the pressure, but it’s true. I am finding that I need to do more than quietly live my life if I want to continue to happily live my life and if I want my children to be able to quietly pursue their own happiness.

What I will miss most about standing on the edge of Objectivist Activism is the super focused mind, the excitement of the step-change required, and spy chick body the weight loss of zeal gave me for those few glorious weeks. Perhaps when I am once again called to active duty, I’ll get both back in time to help change the world - and look fabulous doing it!

Changed: 3/22/08

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Stephen Bourque said...

Just keep plugging away and making connections. Remember, the quality that is most required to find the right answers is a ruthless honesty, for which you are eminently qualified. Reading can save a lot of time, but there is no substitute for making your own observations and writing about them.

You're already working in that direction.