Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Decisions, decisions

In researching whether or not shoddy safety practices in a germ warfare lab on an island off the northeast coast of the US unleashed a huge Lyme disease outbreak on us or not, I discovered this very interesting chat session between Tom Wolfe and Michael Gazzaniga regarding free will and the long path of neuroscience and the philosophy of the human condition. Being neither a philosopher nor a neuroscientist, but a rational human being, I found the discussion quite interesting.

Here they are chatting on video.

Just thought other “informavores” might want to check it out.


Kim said...


Perfect. Now I need a name for people who spend hours look up old Weird Al videos for their kids (who then proceed to think I'm nuts because they can't figure out what's supposed to be so funny 'cause they don't know a single song actually parodied).

LB said...

The only Weird Al video I know is Beat It, and I don't even know what his parody was about...I just remember seeing him in Michael Jackson's jacket.

I thought infomavores was a cool descriptive word, too.