Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fashion Update.

Maybe it's because I'm old, or maybe it's just my disdain for unofficial abbreviations (UA), but in the event that you too missed the fashion evolution of emo, I'm here to help.

Emo is a term originally and still applied to a type of music, but has since become synonymous with a fashion and personality type characterized by young emotional angst. It takes the form of whiny self-affliction, black rings around the eyes, tight pants, black glasses, lots of hair across the face, and emotional affectations. Here is a good description and here are some pictures and a tutorial on how to dress emo.

Looks like goth meets soft punk to me.


Holden F. Gear said...

Does anybody have any insight as to how 'emo' differs from 'goth'? By all evidently important outward appearances they seem identical to me.


LB said...

Well, one thing that I needed to correct from the post is that lots and lots of black eyeliner is NOT part of the emo look according to one of those links.

Apparently, the self-described emo kids I've met just like the ring of black eyeliner look as well.