Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Emotive Poetry of the Day

I'm signed up to receive a classic poem of the day through I really enjoy reading a poem each day, most of which are new to me.

In the past, I have often loved the beauty and passion of Emily Dickinson. But lately, she's just been bringing me down. Here is the sample of her work I received today:

A door just opened on a street--
I, lost, was passing by--
An instant's width of warmth disclosed
And wealth, and company.

The door as sudden shut, and I,
I, lost, was passing by,--
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
Enlightening misery.


It's still beautiful, but sad and depressing.

It's a far cry from:

Wild Nights – Wild Nights!
Were I with thee
Wild Nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile – the winds –
To a heart in port –
Done with the compass –
Done with the chart!

Rowing in Eden –
Ah, the sea!
Might I but moor – Tonight –
In thee!


Passionate longing - in no way depressing.


A Man may make a Remark—
In itself—a quiet thing
That may furnish the Fuse unto a Spark
In dormant nature—lain—

Let us deport—with skill—
Let us discourse—with care—
Powder exists in Charcoal—
Before it exists in Fire.


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