Thursday, November 6, 2008

42nd Street

For our friends who were unable to join us today but love a good tap dance number, I present to you a montage of 42nd Street at the North Shore Music Theatre.

Who knew that Lullaby of Broadway, We're in the Money, Shuffle Off to Buffalo, let alone I Only Have Eyes for You (or as Stephen says, I have eyes for only you - it's one of his pet peeves)were in it? I didn't! Sure, the story set woman's lib back a good 30-40 years, but the song and dance numbers were great.

Enjoy! I know I did.


Fiddler said...

Wasn't all that singing and dancing amazing? Thanks for the video, LB. Makes me want to go see it again!

LB said...

I have a new theory based on my observations at this performance: one cannot be unhappy and tap dance OR, more to the point, one must be happy to tap dance.

Eureka! It's not the hokey-pokey. It's tap dancing. Tap dancing is what it's all about.