Sunday, November 2, 2008

You're Selfish.

You can't help it. Your mother never taught you right from wrong, apparently. She never told you that you must share your toys and be kind to everyone you meet - regardless of your judgment or developing sense of justice. Now you want to keep the money that you've earned for yourself and for your family. You nasty, selfish bastard.

You should have learned that by giving ever increasing amounts of money you've received and saved from your labors (earned) to other people for the simple reason that they have less money than you do (unearned) that you will encourage them to buy things, or encourage them to think they can afford those things...all on your dime. You will not only stimulate the economy you will also feel good about yourself: in fact, you might even feel virtuous.

What fresh hell is this? No, it's not the ghost of your mother's misguided efforts at raising good Christians or her second-handed "what will the neighbors think of my spoiled children" mentality. It's the advice and dire warning of the next presumed POTUS.

Read it here yourself. You know, that is, if you want to be selfish and actually try to improve yourself when you could be spending your time on bettering someone else. Of you could just sit around and rot and wait for the thinkers and producers to bail you out until they're bled dry and then we'll see exactly how morally critical selfishness is.

Now, even I'm offended.

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Rational Jenn said...

Whaaaatt? You mean you don't make your kids share their toys if they don't want to, and they don't have to be polite to the kid who just bopped them over the head?

I even let my child spend his money on whatever he wants (and he doesn't have to share THAT either).

Nice to know I'm not alone! :o)