Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogect: Sorted Books

Inasmuch as I find "blog" to be an ugly word, I think "blogect" is cute.

I found this project on Homeschooled Twins blog and thought it was really a fun idea. As I am not the fun homeschooler, I kept the idea for myself rather than share it with my child as Shez suggested (okay, I’ll share it with the wee lass later today.)

Here are just a few sorted books in my home right now.

The secret of my success:

The worry and wisdom of middle-age:

And a political one for good measure:

Now that I look these over, I might have to change the order of the titles for clarity (and work on better lighting).

Most importantly, I have to restack those books!

If you try your hand at sorted books, post your efforts and let me know.


Shez said...

Looks like you had fun. I love "the secret to your success". LOL. We were planning on doing more of them today, but Shira's temp is running over 103F and her throat is very painful. It's time to have a rapid strep test done on her.

Lynne said...

The threat of strep makes me crazy ever since my now 15 year old had it 4 times in one year (when she was 10)!

Take care and may happy book sorting be in your immediate future.