Monday, May 11, 2009

3 Good Things (weekend edition)

Friday: I constructed transitional housing for the transitional chicks and moved them into the garage. It’s amazing how powerful an incentive the smell of chicken poop in the house can be.

Saturday: I contributed in small part to the great big sound of our homeschool family chorus concert. There really is nothing like the sound of the little kids singing, except the feeling of getting to sing with them (and the satisfaction of remembering all those words when it really counts).

Sunday: I shared hours of laughter and good food with my mother and mother-in-law (and father and father-in-law) from the morning into the early afternoon and played tennis with my daughters on a gorgeous, warm, and breezy late Sunday afternoon.

Life is good.


Kim said...

Kim likes this. (Sorry, too much FB--I immediately started looking for the 'like' button.)

Lynne said...

You and one other like this.

I really enjoy the FB "like" button. What I dislike is this: "Kim has updated their profile".

That's just wrong.