Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Round Up (literally)

Last weekend the coop, this weekend, the run. Too bad they're not actually connected.

We were lucky enough to get a big dog kennel for the price of unscrewing and picking it up at my friend's house - thanks Sue! The large kennel will enable us to keep the chickens safe, but move them all about the yard in sort of a free-but-safe-range set-up (yes, just like my parenting).

On Saturday we rebuilt the kennel in our backyard. If you've ever worked with over 40 linear feet of 5 1/2 foot high chain link fence - you know how much fun that was. Then we had to figure out how to actually move the chick-chickens from the coop into the run, which again, is not attached to the coop, so they could enjoy their days outside.

Today, that process went something like this:

"Let's open the door and see if they come out."

"Approach them slowly so they don't spook."

"I've got this one! You get that one!"

"Hey. Where'd they go?"

"All right. Who's next?"

"Escape! Escape!"

When they first got into the space, they went crazy. It was kind of fun - they ruffled up, flew around a little, hopped up and down. They looked like they were having a great time.

Eventually they calmed down and just poked around all afternoon.

It kind of makes you wonder. What will tomorrow bring when we don't have the same ranch hands?

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