Saturday, November 20, 2010


If variety is the spice of life, we gathered some spicy eggs here yesterday. 

The first is a standard chicken egg, the second, some sort of squib we found among the other eggs in the nesting boxes, and the third, a surprise find when shooing the female zebra finch out of the seed feeder last night! Despite the fact that each morning when I uncover the zebra finches I find Elizabeth as far away from Mr. Darcy as possible within the confines of the bird cage, apparently, they’ve been getting busy.
Actually, like all birds in captivity, female zebra finches are as likely to lay unfertilized eggs as fertilized ones. Stephen was told at the pet store—and I have confirmed to the best of my internet search abilities—that caged zebra finches make terrible parents and the eggs should be removed immediately. So I removed them, but was extremely curious about what could possibly be inside the tiny eggs.  Since it takes only two weeks for a finch egg to hatch, I was a little nervous about what I might find inside of it.
The finch egg was difficult to crack as gently
 as required, so the yolk is slightly broken.

Et voila! Nothing but egg stuff. Teeny, tiny egg stuff, but egg stuff nonetheless.
So now we know.

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