Thursday, November 18, 2010

These Boots Are Made For . . .

I'm not quite sure what, really.

Certainly not walking, but, boy-oh-boy, do they deserve some attention!

n.b. I did not stretch this photo. 
This is how they are supposed to look.

Since I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of fall boots on shoe sites like Zappos and, I’ve been getting hit with some interesting sidebar advertisements on other websites.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I indulged my shoe-salaciousness and looked closely at these boots on one of those sites.  Now they keep showing up everywhere!

Check ‘em out. 

The heels are interlocked vertebrae, which is rather convenient since when you walk in these bad boys for more than a minute or two you’ll probably need some back surgery!   It’s like having the foresight to design in replacement components on your circuit board (so I hear), or a flaming red flag!

If thigh-highs just aren’t your thing, don’t worry.  They come in booties, too.


Christina said...

I need these to see over the six-foot-tall women (yes, that's plural) in front of me in the alto section this weekend! Will be wearing, instead, my black boots with the stacked heels that are all of an inch-and-a-half high. Every little bit helps, though I've threatened to bring a step stool.

Lynne said...

What in the hell will you be singing that these boots would go unnoticed except as height enhancers? Something from Sweeney Todd?

Have you no risers?

Lynne said...

Oh, this. Nevermind.

Have a great time. I'm certain it will sound beautiful.

Christina said...

We do have risers, but that doesn't really matter when the woman standing in front of you is six inches taller than you are. And honestly, if you are that tall, you really shouldn't get offended when the person behind you asks you to move to your right a smidge. All I need is to see the director (all of her, including her right arm).