Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 Good Things (Mixing It Up edition)

In the past week we've gone from tremendous to tacky to traditional in our search to spend our family time wisely.

We spent an entire Saturday afternoon with giant images and powerful sounds of the Metropolitan Opera's Anna Bolena. It was very good.

We spent the following Thursday night with ghoulish, ghastly geeks at Witch's Wood, a "Halloween Scream Park." It's been operating next door for many years; this is the first time we've been remotely tempted to go. It was kind of fun. Thanks, Groupon.

We spent some time on Friday afternoon hiking through our local conservation areas reveling in the gorgeous fall weather, a bit of Saturday morning at the pumpkin patch picking the perfect pumpkins and performing press poses, and an hour on Sunday carving colorful squash characters.

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